Valentine's Day Sale! And More....

Give It's You: A Break Up Story the second chance your boyfriend doesn't deserve.

For Valentine's Day, It's You: A Breakup Story is 50% off on Steam. Whether it's for yourself, your friend, or someone who really needs to understand why they are not your friend anymore, this holiday is the perfect time to spread the joy of just how shitty it can be dating some of the guys out there today.

As always, 20% of the proceeds from the game will be donated to Atira Women's Resource Society in British Columbia.

Feel like you haven't heard enough from your favourite ex-boyfriend? Check out our new website: Did He Say That? where you can browse and relive the many hours of voice acting from the talented Jacob Burgess that went into the game.

And, if you'd care to see behind the scenes, we've posted the scripts written in Inkle's Ink story language on GitHub.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's or, if you're not, that this game gives you a little something interesting to do with that misery,
The Breakup Story Team

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